Jumanji: The Next Level

Releasing its first sequel in 2017, Jumanji franchise has made it to the list to 90s movie remakes to overrun cinemas all around the world. Its successor, played in 1995, was a hit that more than a decade later Jake Kasdan decided to direct the movie starring adult characters sucked to video games instead. In Jumanji: The Next Level, the plot remains the same, but this time the players don’t have the same character they used to which is kind of…. unnecessary.

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Bawa Aku ke Juni 2001

Bawa aku ke Juni 2001. Saat hujan turun pagi sebelum kugendong tas sekolahku. Warnanya biru dengan muatan kecil isinya buku-buku. Alat tulis semuanya sudah disiapkan untukku.

Karena pagi itu, sama seperti pagi lain di hari-hari kelabu. Aku dilapisi dengan 2 jaket berbulu. Biar hujan tidak kena baju. Yang terlalu cepat dikenakan anak seusiaku.

Jalanan masih basah, semuanya dalam latar abu-abu dan ungu. Pohon hijau di depan rumahku, semuanya terbuka menyambut ketenteraman pagi itu.


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Changing A Lightbulb

I have never in my entire life changed a lightbulb. Until……

“Hai bou kecil, aku mau pergi natal ya”, seru keponakanku dari seberang telepon sudah siap dengan dress putih dan tongkat perinya.

Kok kamar bou gelap kali? Gak ada ya lampunya?

Lampu kamar biasanya akan kumatikan saat tidur siang. Malas-malasan aku melangkah ke seberang ruangan, menjangkau dua saklar yang bersebelahan.

*click* Huh this is weird

*click* *click*

Loh lampu bou kok gak bisa hidup ya kak”, tanyaku pada keponakanku tanpa mengharapkan jawaban.

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Cermin Beach

I took Cermin Beach for granted. I didn’t know I would miss the hot weather and rocky coastline, the cold sate kerang and muddy seawater, the overpriced and overrated scenery, the mediocre and lack of maintenance facilities, the sandy and wet gazebo, the broken mat and burnt grill, the clean water seller and his slimy buckets, the bamboo toilet and its small holes, and the stingy feeling on my eyes after hours under the seawater.

source: instagram/kikirizki11
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Defining Yourself

I never know how to define myself to people asking. I never really know the answer, and never know how much I actually know. If I find myself saying certain traits to describe my nature, I oftentimes wonder if that’s true, if how I perceive myself is a perfect reflection of how people see me. I never know how to handle such question that it ends up with me shaking my head, exhale heavily, smiling in confusion. Funny how I’m unable to present the data, because I’m the one who own the information about myself the most. Perhaps because it can’t be interpreted as numbers, that it doesn’t have legitimate value.

And sometimes if I’m about to say that I love to read, I don’t think I read enough. If I’m about to say that I’m good at something, I don’t think I’m good enough. I seldom ask to myself: Who am I really? What things describe me? And what’s my capital identity? Infinite questions I don’t know the answer for.

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I found the name of Rabindranath Tagore from one of my favorite authors: NH. Dini. In Cerita Kenangan series, this name appears several times, with compliments about his enticing writing style following. Rabindranath Tagore, I figured out later, is known as the father of modern Indian literature. He came from a very wealthy family, later explaining how his writings mostly comprehend his creative interests to different layers of society.

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source: artvault.co.in

When he was still in India, his work caught Westerners attention and became sort of a celebrity all around the globe later. His books have been translated to so many languages, that sometimes it lost its own flavor in the process of interpretation. Nevertheless, reading his books in some ways awakens the fact that life is not at all simple. Behind a body, there is a whole lot universe, containing of words and feelings that may never be expressed ever.

One of his piece called The Return of Khokababu, The Best of Tagore. It’s a collection of short stories, comprises 25 of Tagore’s best work. Just like any other, I have my own favorite. And that is the story titled ‘One Night’.